The purpose of this checklist is to guide the various activities performed and controlled by the ReaLingua Project Manager (PM).

The PM’s tasks

1.1. Every morning, the PM prepares a Success List (SL) including details of every linguistic project he/she needs to manage and/or assign during that day or week.

1.2. A meeting is held every morning for the following:

  • Check that each project is assigned to the most suitable team of linguists and that the project is delivered to its client;
  • Coordinate the flow of each of the phases of the working cycle and the different professionals involved in them;
  • Ensure that assignments are logical and appropriate so that each professional can perform his/her role in the best way possible;
  • Ensure that the relevant linguist observes the highest professional standards in line with our professions best practices and delivers his/her work within the agreed time at every stage of the working cycle;
  • Identify potential problems and solve them immediately;
  • Check that the relevant tools (glossaries, style guides, translation memories, etc.) are available to each linguist involved in the project so that he/she can respect possible terminology instructions provided by the client and perform his/her work as well as possible.

1.3. Analysing new projects as they come in, adding them to the SL and assignin them.

1.4. Insofar as possible given the clients’ orders, ensuring that the workload is spread over the week in progress in a logical and reasonable manner.

1.5. Keeping the list of weekly deliveries updated.

1.6. Before the lunch break, checking the SL to verify the execution of projects delivered and in progress.

1.7. Around 3.30 p.m., checking the SL to verify execution of the projects delivered and in progress.

1.8. Constantly monitoring emails to check for possible new client orders, verify execution of the different projects and identify potential problems.

1.9. Checking that the folders of delivered projects are completely and correctly stored in the “Delivered Jobsdirectory. Each project folder stores the results of the different phases of the working cycle, thus ensuring traceability at each stage.

1.10. Analysing any possible incident in order to identify a solution, prevent its recurrence, improve and optimise production, and inform the professional involved whenever required.

1.11. Updating the terminology tools (glossaries, translation memories, style guides, etc.).

1.12. Following up with clients and evaluating their level of satisfaction.