“Great professionals and fast, perfect translations. Highly recommended for translations, and very nice people.”

“We needed a transcription, translation and voice-over service for some training videos produced by the University of Córdoba, for part of our work on an international project coordinated by the FAO of the United Nations. Right from the start, Virginia’s dedication and professionalism and that of the whole ReaLingua team were complete. They responded to the last-minute requests and setbacks inherent in this kind of project. The result has been very satisfactory. We look forward to collaborating with you on future projects. Thank you so much!”

“Everything’s perfect as far as I’m concerned. The format and style of the document were perfectly in keeping with the original, so the final composition process was very simple. We were also extremely grateful for the corrections that you made to our existing translation.”

“The job that you did was unquestionably as professional as they come, with perfect care, promptness and service provided throughout. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. I hope to continue working with you for many years. All the best, from a very satisfied client.”

“Professionalism in the projects carried out and excellent customer service.”

“They always give us excellent service and are easy to deal with.”

Campiña Verde (REWE Group), Germany (organic fruit and vegetables)

“We are very happy with the service provided by ReaLingua. The translations have been delivered on time and to an excellent standard.”

“One way to measure quality of service is how someone responds to problems. And with ReaLingua, I’ve found the agile, fast, and professional solutions I need to deliver a perfect project.” 

“We have been working with ReaLingua for several years now, translating very specialised texts for the food industry. Communication with them is straightforward and smooth, and their delivery times meet our deadlines. They are very professional and provide a quality service.”

“Fast and efficient. Great service.”

“Thank you very much for your fast service and professionalism.”

“Everything was fantastic, even the translator’s notes. Thank you very much.”

Nordiska Languages di Margherita Gelsomino, Italy (translation agency)

“The consideration I would like to transmit to all the clients that work with Virginia, the owner of the ReaLingua translation agency, is her dedication and care for every client during all the stages of work, from the detailed and thorough definition of the terms and conditions of the quote to the development of the project itself. This includes selecting the most appropriate translator and the proofreading by two linguists. I can guarantee that this way of addressing the clients’ needs takes a weight off your mind. Naturally, when you find somebody like that, the last thing you want to do is lose her, even if you can occasionally find better ‘deals’ elsewhere. It’s the synergy between quality, love and dedication to the task at hand that yields the long-lasting fruits that ensure a good translation.”

“The truth is that very I am satisfied with the service that you’ve given us in terms of quality, speed and everything else; without a doubt, I’d recommend you to other companies.”

“Well, yes, really; we’re very satisfied with the voice-overs. It’s been a real luxury; congratulations.”

Eurovision Group, Nigeria (refined pomace oil)

“Good Day, the translations are great.”

“Thanks for your great service! When I find a chance I will definitely recommend your company!”

“The translations are really good.”

“This was our first experience working with ReaLingua and we were more than satisfied with both the timing and the standard of service. I will not hesitate to use them for similar jobs in the future.”

L. Roldán, Spain (private)

“Wonderful, highly punctual service.”

María Fonseca de la Bella (private)

“Very professional. Fast, high-quality service. I used ReaLingua for a legalised translation of my academic qualifications into French. Very professional service. Suitable for official documents. I always turn to ReaLingua for jobs like this. Thank you very much!”