Our Services

We can offer multilingual and multidisciplinary translations by an extensive network of native translators with expertise in every field.

We also ‘Transcreate’, adapting the content of any campaign, marketing material or website to make it just as powerful and effective for the target market and culture.


We can offer the best native speakers in any language or variety thereof for e-learning courses, videos, TV and radio ads, telephone switchboards and corporate presentations.

Feel free to ask for a voice-over DEMO in over 50 languages! We will send it immediately.

Our editing and proofreading specialists can check existing translations to ensure that the spelling, terminology and concepts are accurate and appropriate for the specific field in question.

We have expert native interpreters for meetings, negotiations, interviews, business trips, sightseeing, company and factory visits, telephone calls and video conferencing.


We typeset books, magazines, brochures, catalogues and promotional materials using InDesign, X-Press, Photoshop, Illustrator, FrameMaker and CorelDraw on Mac and PC systems.

We localize software, video games and mobile phone games.

Our Quality Control

Our entire working cycle is overseen by a Project Manager who evaluates, organizes, coordinates and monitors all of the stages of linguistic projects in accordance with a specific checklist and our agency’s ethical code.

Our standard working cycle for each linguistic project is based on our 4-eyes principle, which involves translation, word-by-word editing, proofreading and format quality control. The final delivery to the customer is always punctual.

The following are basic requirements for all of our freelancers in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard:

– Native speaker of the target language.

– Outstanding knowledge of the source language and perfect command of the target language.

– An officially recognized degree in translation, or an equivalent qualification in another specialist field and at least 2 years of documented translation experience, or at least 5 years of documented professional translation experience.

In addition, all of the linguists at ReaLingua have had to successfully pass a translation test to prove their linguistic and translating skills. They have to observe and respect our checklists for translation, editing, proofreading and format quality control for every project they are assigned.

We ensure the consistency of the terminology for every client and technical sector by creating translation memories, technical glossaries and style guides.

Finally, any incidents that occur are managed by analysing and applying a specific formula that identifies a solution, prevents its reappearance and improves and optimises our output.

Our Technological Resources

We use the latest technology (computer-assisted translation but NOT machine translation) to create glossaries and translation memories, and to ensure that the terminology used in translations for the same sectors and clients is always uniform and consistent. These systems also allow us to offer our customers 50% OFF all words that are repeated within the same text.